Firefighting Community

Today’s fire fighters are ever more concerned with the enormous changes in the fire environment. While this may seem to be an insurmountable challenge, there is a way you can make a difference with the products that are being approved for use in modern construction. You may wonder how you can you ensure the toxic load of a building is reduced? There’s a solution when it comes to the plumbing infrastructure.

  1. Attend IPC & IFC code hearings
  2. Get involved in local and state model code hearings

Furthermore, if you need help, please consider contacting us here at the McWane Plumbing Tech Services—we can provide engineering support to assist you with local codes and help you in developing stronger life-safety policies.

We all know that the toxic breakdown of burning polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic produces toxic smoke laden with chemicals. However, there are safe alternatives. Choosing cast iron soil pipe and fittings in a buildings plumbing infrastructure is the right choice.

Get Involved With Codes
"Firestopping Penetrations, More Than Just Red Caulk" by Jay Peters